Ningde City Library holds puppet training lectures

Muppets, known as "hanging silk puppets" in ancient times, originated from the Qin and Han Dynasties, and became popular in Fujian Province during the late Tang and Five Dynasties. After Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has been passed on continuously. It is a traditional intangible cultural heritage art.In order to inherit this intangible heritage skill and carry forward the traditional culture, on December 5, 2020, the training lecture of "Light of Eastern Fujian" series of non-genetic inheritance puppet was held as scheduled in the training classroom on the third floor of Ningde Library. More than 60 readers and puppet show lovers attended the training lecture.

The second reading contest of "Chinese classics and praises" in fujian province was successfully concluded

For the further implementation of the protection of public cultural services, the public libraries act to promote the in-depth reading activities, starting our province "to read the Chinese classic Ode (ancient times "brand of nationwide reading movement by the culture and tourism in fujian province hall, hosted by the fujian provincial radio, film and television group" home country feelings champ "- the second session of fujian province" to read the Chinese classic Ode era spanning the recitation contest finals and the awards ceremony on September 20, successfully held in the afternoon.The event will be broadcast live via Haibo TV and Live Fujian.

Ningde Library holds a series of English picture books classes for children in the summer of 2019

In good picture books, there is a very mysterious gap between the words and pictures, and this gap is usually filled by the children's imagination.This is a valuable experience for both parents and children.These illustrations in picture books are the first art that children are exposed to, and the pictures they read at this age will stay with them for the rest of their lives.